Orland Park High school junior publishes SciFi novel

Orland Park High school junior publishes SciFi novel

Orland Park High school junior publishes SciFi novel

Orland Park High school junior Aaron Hanania published his first SciFi novel this month, a tale involving a science experiment that has gone wrong.

Hanania, 17, said he was inspired to write the book because of his love for writing.

A straight A honor student for almost all of his school life, Hanania said that he wrote the entire book on his iPhone 6 between classes at Sandburg High school where he participates in several school activities including the Aquila school newspaper and student government.

The King's Pawn mystery novel by Aaron Hanania

Book Cover of “The King’s Pawn” by Aaron Hanania, published in June 2018 and available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and through the author’s website at www.Aaron411News.com

“Writing is so important, especially to young people. Although we have the technology to help us, I think we also need to continually improve our writing and communication skills. They are fundamental to everything that we do,” said Hanania, who was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia.



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“Writing the novel gave me firsthand experience in learning how to improve my writing skills and also improve my communications with others. So many of my school friends use the technology but don’t appreciate how important writing and communicating are to our future careers and our goals in life.”

Hanania said he enjoyed creating the characters in the novel and in developing dialogue that was “natural” and “realistic.”

“I wanted the conversations int he book to reflect what real life conversations would be like in each scenario of the book and I hope that readers find that achieved that goal,” said Hanania, who also has been playing drums since he was 4 years old.

“It’s interesting. Writing and music have a similar rhythm. There is a beat in music and a beat in writing and you have to maintain that beat so that people reading the novel can do so easily and naturally.”

The book’s plot involves a scientist who creates a revolutionary experiment called “The King’s Pawn” in which the participants are unaware of the roles that they play in what is intended to be a literally perfect world.

The scientist who develops and supervises the project soon discovers her “methodically controlled society” has created unforeseen tensions and an ominous uncertainty for the unknowing participants, while bringing her unimaginable profits, fame and power.

But what the scientist doesn’t expect is that the power of human curiosity can overcome any barrier, experimental boundaries or expectations.

Two children in “The King’s Pawn” play a critical role after discovering that they have unrestricted control over the experiment’s outcome. The future of this unusual experiment rests in their hands, creating thrilling and unexpected consequences.

Click here to get more information on the new novel, “The King’s Pawn” written by Aaron Hanania.

Author Aaron Hanania

Author Aaron Hanania, 17, who will be a senior next year at Sandburg High school in Orland Park in Chicago’s Southwest suburbs.


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