Send in the Civilians … The Marines need a little support

Send in the Civilians … The Marines need a little support

Send in the Civilians … The Marines need a little support

By Jerry Field

Jerry FieldFor decades I’ve heard the phrase in time of war and peace, we need “toys for tots” “how about a Bike Parade” to raise money for follow Veterans or all branches of service. When there is a crisis, Military or civilian, when help is needed, the cry “Send in the Marines”, is heard as the call to duty.

Therefore, it was unusual to hear an request from Chicago’s outstanding Marine Veteran unit, Montford Point Marine Association(MPMA) to ask for a little assistance. It’s time to return many favors and support to the 76 years old Montford Point Marine Association.

I also need a little support from Veterans, readers of this weekly report, and from those who would like to say thanks to a Maine unit.

Here’s the situation how they need help, and where to send a donations, no matter how small, for a big thank you for their 76 years of service on active duty and as United States Marine Veterans.



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US Marine Saluting. Photo courtesy of Jerry Field

US Marine Saluting. Photo courtesy of Jerry Field

A BRIEF HISTORY: The Montford Point Marines were the first African-Americans to serve in the Marines from August 1942 to September 1949 as a segregated boot camp located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The unit has several awards including: the Congressional Gold Medal in June of 1942, a naval vessel named after the unit in March of 2013; and a monument dedicated to preserving their legacy.

THE NEED FOR FUNDS: Dueto unfulfilled grants and an appeal delay from the state board of review, their taxes have been sold and they are being forced out of their post. This is the oldest African-American Marine Corps post in Chicago. Please help these WWII heroes keep their post so they can continue to provide scholarships, school supplies, and bingo for veterans at Jesse Brown VA, veteran resources & referrals, Christmas baskets and toys for sick children and shut-in veterans and needy community residents. We thank you in advance for your generous donation.

HOW TO DONATESharon Stokes-Perry,President, Montford Point Marines Association, (MPMP) writes “We need your help. A  GoFundMep age has been created to raise money to redeem our building by December 11, 2018 and to support the maintenance of the facility. MPMP is asking to spread the word, go to our site and donate to a center that is dedicated to preserving every available resource to prevent the loss of our building.  It’s an uphill battle.” For more specific information contact President, Sharon Stokes-Parry(773-220-7478) If you have any questions ideas or suggestions to save the MPMP building, Sharon will be happy to hear them. Join the flight for the MontfordPointer Marinesso the mission can continue  SemperFideles.

Donation instructions:

Go to: https:l/

Or Search for Save Montford Point and make your donation. Please send Donations by mail: Payable to MPMA Chicago, 7011 S. Vincennes, Chicago, IL. 60621. Point of contact: Sharon Stokes-Parry at sstok.eswtw@aol.comor 773-220-7487

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Jerry Field

Dr. Jerry Field, a Korean War Veteran and native Chicagoan has a long history of service to Veterans, most recently as advocate for Veteran and Military benefits and services. He currently serves on several Veterans committees in Chicago and the State of Illinois. He is a Commander of the Jewish War Veteran (JWV) Post 710 and serves on the JWV Illinois strategic planning committee is also a member of the American Legion.

South Korean Consul General Jong kook Lee recently presented Dr. Field with the Ambassador of PeaceGold Medal.

His nonmilitary career is varied as he was a film publicist, newspaper reporter and taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology for nearly 20 years. He was an instructor for the ROTC and currently manages the JROTC program for Leadership for JWV. As Executive Director of the Chicago Veterans Coordinating Committee, his efforts are directed toward supporting Veterans and Military members to avail themselves of the benefits provided by the Veterans Administration and other service organizations.

Dr. Field holds a doctorate in education from Loyola University Chicago, a Masters in Economics and Marketing from Roosevelt University and a Leadership certification from the U S Army.

Suburban Chicagoland

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