Orland Park Mayor endorses Morrison, Dodge, Harold & Rauner in Nov. 6 election

Orland Park Mayor endorses Morrison, Dodge, Harold & Rauner in Nov. 6 election

Orland Park Mayor endorses Morrison, Dodge, Harold & Rauner in Nov. 6 election

Keith Pekau, the mayor of Orland Park, one of the largest suburban communities in Cook County, release his endorsements for the upcoming Nov. 6, 2018 statewide and local elections.

Pekau, who unseated a popular former Mayor Dan McLaughlin nearly two years ago, won a surge in popular votes. Although mayors in Orland Park run on non-partisan ballots, Pekau is a Republican and McLaughlin is a Democrat.

Pekau said he is endorsing Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner for re-election against Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker.

Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau

Pekau also endorsed Republican Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison who has led the fight to block unwanted tax hikes introduced by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Morrison organized the bi-partisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats who opposed Preckwinkle’s excessive and oppressive soda pop and sweetened drink tax that would have imposed a tax of one penny per ounce on every drink. The tax targeted residents of the Cook County suburbs. Morrison is being challenged by firsttime candidate Abdelnasser Rashid who worked in the offices of retiring Democratic Cook County Clerk David Orr.



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Pekau also endorsed Republican Erika Harold in the race for Illinois Attorney General, over Democrat Kwame Raoul. And, he endorsed Jim Dodge, who is challenging Democrat Mike Frerichs. Dodge is a trustee on the Orland Park village board and has been supportive of Pekau’s efforts to corral excessive village spending and block proposed tax hikes.

Here is Pekau’s statement:

I am proud to endorse Governor Bruce Rauner, Erika Harold, Jim Dodge, Margo McDermed and Commissioner Sean Morrison in the upcoming election.

Governor Rauner is the best choice for Governor. He recognizes that Illinois has a spending problem, has worked to reduce waste and continually opposes the Madigan tax increases. His opponent will rubber stamp spending increases and has recommended billions in new taxes. Additionally, the Governor has done an outstanding job attracting new businesses and created Intersect Illinois, a private public partnership focused on attracting businesses to Illinois that is doing an amazing job for the State and for Orland Park. Governor Rauner is also the only person standing in the way of even more gerrymandering in the 2020 redistricting map.

Likewise, Erika Harold is the best choice for Illinois Attorney General. I want an attorney general who will fight public correction, uphold the law and prosecute criminals. For this reason, Erika Harold is the only choice. Her opponent will bring the Cook County method of prosecuting criminals to the State of Illinois, and that would be disastrous. Orland Park has the best Police Department in the State of Illinois but these policies not only make it difficult for our police to do their job but they are demoralizing. Erika Harold, will support our police, apply the law and prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Jim Dodge has been a personal friend for almost two decades and has served Orland Park well for more than 30 years. He always puts the greatest good for the greatest number of people first. The treasurer is responsible for the state’s investments, and in the past his opponent has let approximately $14 billion sit in the bank making only 1% or 2% interest while we have a backlog of approximately $7 billion in unpaid bills accruing interest up to 12%. Nobody would run their household like this. Jim also has real world, private sector experience, unlike his opponent and he is not afraid to stand up for the taxpayers. Illinois is worth saving but Springfield needs a dose of reality.

Margo McDermed is an outstanding State Representative for the 37th District. While she is often fighting an uphill battle, she keeps her word and fights for the residents of Orland Park and others in her district. As she promised she does not take State health or pension benefits. Additionally, she has opposed the multitude of new taxes proposed by the legislature – something that not one of the other representatives or senators representing Orland Park in Springfield has done. As a member of the Transportation Committee she has battled hard to ensure that our region and has been instrumental in helping keep the 159th Street IDOT project on track.

Sean Morrison has done an outstanding job as our Cook County Commissioner. He championed the defeat of the “soda tax”. This was the single largest destroyer of economic activity in Orland Park since I took office. Sean continually opposes the Cook County Board’s efforts to control our local governments through regulation. The Cook County Board thinks they know better than the local mayors and councils. Sean knows better. His defeat of the soda tax also led to the Cook County Board reducing the budget by over $200 million. On top of this, his opponent recently sent the most vile mailings I have ever seen in an election. Send the message that we want to keep good public servants and that we are tired of vile personal attacks.

As your Mayor, I know what the election of these individuals will do for the citizens of Orland Park, Cook County and the State of Illinois. For this reason, I wholeheartedly endorse, Bruce Rauner, Erika Harold, Jim Dodge, Margo McDermed and Sean Morrison in the upcoming election. This election is critical for the State of Illinois. We cannot lose ground to those who want to continue to tax, spend and not prosecute criminals. Please remember to vote, it’s critical for the State of Illinois and for Orland Park!

Keith Pekau

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