Rauner’s bash-and-burn TV Ads slander Illinois

Rauner’s bash-and-burn TV Ads slander Illinois

Rauner’s bash-and-burn TV Ads slander Illinois

Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner thinks his ads bashing House Speaker Michael J. Madigan are clever, tapping support from three neighboring Republican governors. But the Ads really symbolize Rauner’s own self-hatred of the state he leads

By Ray Hanania

Anyone with a lot of money can clog our TV viewing time with slick, clever commercials.

But, that doesn’t mean they can be governor.

Bruce Rauner is a failure as a governor. His election promises have all fallen through. You won’t see a Rauner commercial apologizing for his failures. He has no idea how to govern, create consensus or come up with brilliant ideas to inspire public support that transcends partisan politics.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joins governors from Missouri and Indiana to help Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner bash the people of Illinois and the state. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joins governors from Missouri and Indiana to help Illinois Gov Bruce Rauner bash the people of Illinois and the state. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Rauner is a lot like J. B. Pritzker, the Democratic billionaire running for governor. Both have wasted millions that could have been better spent helping the people. Instead, they just bash their political rivals to help themselves.

Democratic challenger Christopher Kennedy hasn’t run any major TV commercials yet, but he’s reached out to average people, like me, and I’ve heard him speak twice. Each time he is specific about what he will do if elected governor.

As an Illinois resident who loves this state, I find Rauner’s most recent commercial to be disturbing, and nauseating.

Rauner’s commercials go beyond just attacking Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan. Rauner is bashing every person who lives in Illinois.

Rauner enlisted the support of three of his Republican political pals, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, and Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb.

Walker, Geirtens and Holcomb sarcastically “thank” Madigan in the commercials asserting Illinois’ troubles are benefiting their states.

Even if that were true, what sane Illinoisan would EVER want to live in any of those states? Wisconsin is a backwoods tourist hub with a lot of stolen Native American lands exploited for profits. Indiana is a corn field gas station stop on the way to a better place – I drive past the Indiana Dunes every summer to get to the Michigan Dunes. And people in Missouri can’t even speak English. “Miz-zoura?”

According to FBI Crime Statistics Missouri is the 9th worst state when it comes to violent crimes followed by Indiana, 20th. It’s true that Wisconsin, 30th, has less crime than Illinois, 21st, but that’s because they rely on tourist dollars for most of their income. Cheese-heads have to be nice.

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When it comes to Education, Illinois ranks 22nd from the top offering the region’s best schools, way above Indiana, 30th, and Missouri, 39th, but again slightly behind Wisconsin, 19th, because many of the Badger state residents don’t need to go to school to milk cows or churn curd.

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It’s true that Illinois has a slightly larger unemployment rate than any of Rauner’s three pals, but that’s because Illinois has a far larger population and more residents who depend on and receive federal welfare.

Illinois unemployment is 5 percent, while Indiana and Missouri are 3.8 percent, and Wisconsin is 3.5 percent. The difference is insignificant.

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Rauner is causing real damage to Illinois. Instead of cheerleading for Illinois, Rauner is trashing it. He’s embraced a bash-and-burn policy. If Rauner can’t control Illinois he’d just as soon tear it down and burn it before handing it over to his successor.

So why are Walker, Geirtens and Holcomb sarcastically thanking Madigan? None of those states are doing much better.

When it comes to deciding where to live, despite all of the problems common to every state, I’d rather live in Illinois.

You want to throw trash around Governors Walker, Geirtens and Holcomb? Look closely in a mirror ‘cuz you guys are not fooling anyone.

When it comes to living in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana or Missouri, the choice is not even close. Illinois wins hands down.

And by the way: “Go Bears!” I hope they beat the Green Bay Packers like a “collarbone of cheese.”

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist, author and former Chicago City Hall reporter. Email him at rghanania@gmail.com.)


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