Smashburger is the ultimate best tasting burger ever

Smashburger is the ultimate best tasting burger ever

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Smashburger is the ultimate best tasting burger ever

I grew up on hamburgers and I consider myself a hamburger connoisseur. Until recently, though I enjoyed burgers everywhere. But a few weeks ago, I happened across a place called Smashburgers and I am hooked. They are the best tasting hamburgers in the world

By Ray Hanania

I don’t know how Smashburger did it, but maybe it is the concept of smashing the burger patty.

But Smashburger has created the best tasting hamburger in America. Nothing comes close. It’s not just the burger meat that is phenomenal. The bun is the perfect size, not too larger and overwhelming but just enough to let you grip the tasty sandwich.

I can’t pin down the great taste but I am addicted to Smashburgers.

It’s difficult to narrow down the world of great hamburgers to one, but I’ve had several Smashburgers and I can’t get enough.

Smashburger from Smashburger's Facebook Page. The best hamburger in Chicagoland

Smashburger from Smashburger’s Facebook Page. The best hamburger in Chicagoland

The closest Smashburger in the Southwest suburbs is in Oak Lawn, and I drive there through traffic without hesitation from Orland Park. Although my hope is that they will bring a Smashburger to Orland Park to make it the perfect community.

I’ve divorced myself from the fast food franchises like McDonalds, Burger King and even Wendy’s. The Burger King Whopper was one of my favorites and it will do in a pinch.

I’ve tried to recreate the Smashburger crushing burger patties on my backyard grill. But it only comes close. Smashburger should start selling the patties so Barbecue Backyard Kings can enjoy them more.

The Oak Lawn Smashburger franchise is located at 5139 W 95th Street. When are you coming to Orland Park?

The problem is I could eat them like “Whitey One Bites”, “Sliders”. And maybe, I will have two next time.


They put just enough on the burger, pickles, onion, lettuce and tomato slice. A slice of cheese. Mustard, too. Just enough to allow you to enjoy the great tasting burger patty that is the ultimate draw in this food equation.

You have to try it.

There are eight Smashburger locations in Chicagoland beside in Oak Lawn. They are:

1 North Lagrange Rd.

538 W St Charles, #700

1 Rice Lake Square

Arlington Heights
115 W Rand Rd

Kildeer (north of Barrington)
20771 North Rand Road

Vernon Hills
426 Hawthorn Center

842 N Randall Rd

You absolutely have to check them out and enjoy one of the best hamburgers in Chicagoland.

If you can’t get to the Smashburger restaurant nearest you, then check out their Facebook Page by clicking here and keep up on what’s happening with one of the best tasting burgers in Chicagoland, and maybe even in America.

Yes, I will go out on a limb. The best in America!

Check out their website, too, at:

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This post viewed: 195 times since Oct 10, 2017

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