Western Digital hard drives are so unreliable

Western Digital hard drives are so unreliable

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Western Digital hard drives are so unreliable

Western Digital has been making flawed hard drives for years. They promise much but deliver very little. Worse is that they are unreliable and easily crash, after giving you a difficult time to use

By Ray Hanania

Maybe it’s the hope that possibly someone at Western Digital will wake up and hire technicians who understand what the consumer wants, not what they think they selfishly need, which is usually money.

But that’s not going to happen. Western Digital is so out of touch with the reality of the average consumer that they continue to manufacture flawed hard drives that are sold through retailers like Best Buy — which isn’t really a “best buy” at all.

I keep buying the flawed Western Digital hard drives hoping that one day, they may snap out of their flawed manufacturing cookie cutter formula and start producing a hard drive that is dependable, and that works.

But they don’t.

Western Digital's 8TB MyCloud Home hard drive is worthless at a mere $349. Don't buy it or any of Western Digital's products. They are unreliable.

Western Digital’s 8TB MyCloud Home hard drive is worthless at a mere $349. Don’t buy it or any of Western Digital’s products. They are unreliable.

Western Digital, better known as WD MyCloud or “My Cloud” produces some of the worst and least reliable hard drive products on the market today.

How do they even stay in business?

Where do I start?

Who is the technician idiot who designed the log-in system that is so difficult and cumbersome that consumers that buy the systems, and then set them up can’t even log in to use the harddrives? Most consumers are forced to “reset” the hard drives repeatedly to recover usernames and passwords that are in a multi-layered and cumbersome system that protects nothing because the hard drives are incapable of storing anything.

Seriously the Western Digital technicians and designers are idiots, or brilliant robber barons who are selling crap to the public at huge profits.

Don’t buy the Western Digital Hard drives. Save your money. You’re better off writing down your information rather than saving documents, or sketching your images rather than saving the photographs because in the end, after using a WD MyCloud system, you will scrap it and find a replacement.

The Western Digital Hard Drive provide a USB port in the back. But the USB ports don’t work.

When you go on Western Digital’s user and help forums, they tell you to reformat the USB drive to see if that helps. Sure. Why not just throw away 100 GB of photos from your thumb drive and reformat it so that the worthless Western Digital hard drive can try again to read it … and of course, fail to read it after it has been reformatted.

Of course, you will copy the thumb drive files to another location and then reformat. That can take hours even using direct connections or high speed wireless. Only to discover that the Western Digital idiots who runt he worthless forums are wrong.

Most USB ports on Western Digital hard drives just don’t work because the Western Digital technicians really don’t test their products and sell flawed systems. Worse is that retailers like Best Buy don’t care if they sell you crap that fails. They just want your money..

It’s all about profits, not quality.

The whole concept of the WDMcCloud system is corrupted, also It doesn’t work. Worse it is so slow. I mean when I tried to copy a thumb drive plugged into my MacBook Pro to the WDMyCloud Home hard drive, it said it would take 143 days. I get that the thumb drive has 375 GB of photos but you would think that’s not a lot.

Well, it is a lot to the Western Digital hard drive losers and idiots who are probably sitting at their desks right now counting and recounting your lost wages and their profits.

You can’t daisy chain the Western Digital hard drives either. They don’t make it easy. The USB ports don’t work, of course. You can try using an Apple Time Capsule to set up a wireless system and then plug in each Western Digital Hard Drive into the four available USB ports — that do work.

But Western digital makes it so that their systems get easily confused. If you already have a WDMyCloud account on a crappy 2 TB hard drive, and you want to upgrade it to a crappy 8 TB hard drive WDMyCloud Home system. Don’t bother. The two hard drives made by the SAME company don’t talk to each other. You have to pick one or the other. All the files on the one you want to upgrade are lost because there in o way to easily copy those files to another hard drive or to your Macbook Pro laptop. So you have to select one of them to use, and then disengage it from the router and connect the other one.

When you have to ask who the idiots are at a company, that pretty much explains that the company isn’t worth your time. And that questions, who are those idiots, is the only question you can get answered.

The WD MyCloud forums are worthless.

(Go ahead and ask on Google about how to get a USB to work on a WD MyCloud system and see for yourself. The Western Digital technicians pretty much admit they don’t work.)

Sad but true.

I spend my money so you can save yours.

Don’t buy the Western Digital hard drive. Try other ones like Seagate. You will be better off. Maybe Western Digital can just close their doors and do everyone a favor.

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This post viewed: 363 times since Oct 10, 2017

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