Mary Compton

Mary Compton

Writer, photographer, media consultant

Mary Compton is an experienced photojournalist with a long career in Chicago and south suburban newspapers and websites.

Compton has been recognized by several professional organizations with awards, and I enjoy seeing smiles when people receive my pictures. She photographed President Barack Obama (when he was still a senator), as well as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton (both when they were presidents). She also shot major floods, manhunts for escaped convicts, sports events, pet blessings at a church, youth theater, several Veterans Day ceremonies and an array of other events. Give her a challenge and she’ll get you the photos you want.

In the past few years, she also has taken on publicity efforts, writing in-house stories, bios and press releases, while also creating photo galleries. I work mostly in the Chicago area, including south and west suburbs

She explains, “I’m a photographer because I can’t help but see moments in every day life. I also believe every person has a story. The motto I try to live everyday is: Do What is Right and Let the Consequences Follow.”

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