Event Calendar

Event Calendar

We want calendar events and event notices about any event taking place in the State of Illinois.

There are two ways to have your event posted and displayed on our growing website.

Send us the info

You can Email the event information and details to us at rghanania@gmail.com and we will post it for you.

Make sure to include day, date, time, location. Make sure to write a detailed explanation of what the event is about. You can add the location, time (events can extend over several days, so give us the date range.)

Include a photo or a digital image (that you own or have rights too display).

Post it yourself

We also have the option allowing you to post your own event anytime you want. Why wait for us to do it when you can post it yourself?

We urge you to give yourself at least four weeks lead time before your event when posting. Don’t wait until the last minute. More people will see it because we are indexed by Google News and that will give you more exposure to the public. (We do display some of the upcoming events on the sidebar of the news site, but all events are posted and displayed in our calendar which users can scan and search.)

Of course, we must approve every event post but unless you are a spammer, you will have no worries?

Thank you.