Apple makes life miserable for anyone hoping to watch a movie

Apple makes life miserable for anyone hoping to watch a movie

Apple makes life miserable for anyone hoping to watch a movie

In theory, Apple’s system of movies sounds great. But unfortunately, it isn’t developed for normal human beings. The tech bobbleheads at Apple who design the system are not normal people. They don’t travel. They don’t have fun. And they have no idea about how normal people try to enjoy life. What they do best, however, is make your life miserable, especially when you actually want to enjoy one of their expensive downloadable video movies

By Ray Hanania

I have a large collection of iTunes movies, over 200, and boy do I regret ever investing in Apple’s video and music system.

I thought Apple broke the limitations that we all experienced first with the Sony Beta Tapes, then the VHS cassette tapes, then the mini-DV tapes, then the CD, then the DVD and then the Blueray.

How much of that old worthless junk do you have piled up in your home. Apple claimed they would simplify life for us and developed the .mv4 video format. The only problem, however, is that access to your iTunes movie collection isn’t as simple as reaching over from the coach to the shelf of video cassettes or DVDs.

The only way to watch an Apple iTunes movie is to purchase it and then download it to your iPad, or Mac system or your iPhone.

Wondershare video converter and SanDisk flash drive

Wondershare video converter and SanDisk flash drive

That sounds great until you collect some 300 movies in your iTune collection. Then you find yourself wasting all your time managing your collection and downloading movies using WiFi. Now, downloading using WiFi is great, when you are at home and you can rely on a good WiFi system.

But what about when you are in a public area or on an airplane? Want to take your movies on the plane to enjoy the vacation, you have to manually select the movies you want to watch based on how much storage you have and then download them to your iPad or to your iPhone. Even with the largest storage systems, which I own, I can’t possibly download more than about 25 videos because there isn’t any room.

So you hope that when you are on that airplane, you can use WiFi to download your movie.

Of course, that doesn’t work. Apple Tech Bobbleheads don’t care because they don’t go on vacations or travel on airplanes. They only travel in a virtual world.

So as I review my movies I realize I am screwed. Instead of having access to 300 movies I only have access to the few I can download, and downloading is not instantaneous at all.

The whole point is that with so many movies in my collection, I want to be able to be moved to decide what to watch not have to plan days and weeks in advance of my trip. That’s the freedom that Apple and Steve Jobs promised that they failed to deliver on.

Sadly, you are forced to go to the dark side of the cyber world and you start purchasing software to convert iTunes movies so you can download them to little Flash Drives, like the 128 GB Flashdrive made by SanDisk. It connects both to your Macbook and to your iPhone and iPhone. (The flash drive has both connectors.)

They cost you $89, including tax, of course. And you buy two because you want 256 GB of storage to put the iTunes movies you want to watch.

SanDisk claims you can download Apple’s restrictive .m4v format along with the .mp4 which is more accessible to other systems. But the fact is the SanDisk system doesn’t work. So you wasted your money and your time.

You need to download an App calls iXpand, but iXpand has limitations and only plays movie files that you created, not movies that you paid your HARD EARNED CASH to purchase from Apple.

So you stare at a great idea gone wrong. iXpand SanDisk flash drives suck even worse than the Apple products.

But being a stubborn person, you decide to look further so you go online and find software that claims to be able to convert .m4v video formats into normal video formats that normal people can watch like .mp4 and .mov file formats.

So you waste $54.82 to purchase a video conversion software program called M4V Converter Plus made by KigoSoft at You enter your Paypal or credit card info. They take your money. You download the software. They send you a “KEY” to allow the software to work — have you ever noticed that the software companies make it sound like they care about you but they assume that everyone who visits their site is a software pirate and they treat you like you are a criminal.

I do everything and then finally load an iTunes .m4v movie file only to get this message:

Sorry, the program is not compatible with macOS High Sierra currently.

Before the solution comes out, we suggest you use our Windows version instead. Contact us at, and we would switch your license code to Windows version for free.

But you SAID IT WAS Compatible!!!!!

You complain in an email and you get a nice email from some chick writes back politely:

Thanks for your support and sorry for any inconvenience.

We are sorry that there is an incompatibility issue on mac os high sierra. And our development team are still working hard on the issue. we can’t guarantee the specific time. But we are still trying. Hope you can understand. Once it’s available, we’ll let you know. 

For urgent needs, you can downgrade mac 10.13 to 10.12 or install mac os Sierra 10.12 on an internal hard drive. Or install Bootcamp on your Mac with Windows, then we would switch your Mac license to Windows for free. Thanks for your understanding in advance.

Any other problem, please feel free to contact us.

Regards? Regards? I don’t even know you, unless you are that same named chick I once dated from high school back in the 1970s!!!

At least KigoSoft is sympathetic. But couldn’t they have been honest to tell me up front that it doesn’t work with my MacBook MAC OS Sierra?

But I still blame Apple because Apple is constantly forcing me — I repeat forcing me to update my software to a new version practically every other day. They force me to update and that alone requires me to sit back and wait 50 minutes until the update downloads (again I am on a SUPER FAST WiFi system), and they it takes another hour to install itself. Meanwhile, they have eaten two hours into my day and I make a shit-load of money in two hours that I have not added to the wasted time and money I have dumped into this worthless piece of crap Apple iTunes system.

So, I go back online and try to find another software program that promises to convert my worthless piece of garbage Apple iTunes .m4v movie formats into something I can watch using my worthless piece of crap SanDisk flashdrive that cost me $89 with tax.

And I find Wondershare, which promises everything including thekitchen sink.

I can purchase a license to use their crappy software for one year for $39, or a license that gives me unlimited use of the software if I pay $59, for only one computer.

So I pay the $64, including tax and download the software, and wait for and finally get the license. And guess what. It doesn’t work either. Wondershare specifically promises it can copy iTunes movies. It can’t. It took 45 minutes to convert a 90-minute film from .m4v format to .mov format. And when I tried t play it, it didn’t work.

So, even if it did work, I would have to wait 45 minutes for every movie that is 90 minutes long.

So I try to get my money back by complaining to PayPal and they put me through the 3rd Degree qith stupid questions.


I blame all this on that deadbeat Steve Jobs. He lied to us, or more likely intentionally misled us into believing he cares about us. He never did. He only cared about making a fortune for himself, after disrespecting his friends and the consumers with lies.

Now I have to find another source for my movies to replace the failed system called Apple iTunes.

It makes me sick that the computer industry has transformed into a pile of garbage by greeding tech bobbleheads who have no idea how to design software and only know how to take money from our pocketbooks.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and former Chicago City Hall political reporter who programmed softeware for IBM back in the 1980s. Reach him on his personal website at, or by email at — if you dare!)

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  1. Ray Hanania says:

    This is one of the most discussed topics among Apple users. How come Apple doesn’t make it easier for their customers to watch the movies they purchase and download from iTunes. The big problem is that when they don’t have access to WiFi they are severely limited. It ruins a vacation, ruins a flight and ruins the whole technology experience. It’s pathetic that Apple is trying to avoid this topic.

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