Apple iCloud is worst place to save or download photos

Apple iCloud is worst place to save or download photos

Apple iCloud is worst place to save or download photos

Apple touts iCloud as the best system to store your important photos and that they care about your lives. The truth is Apple doesn’t care about your life and only cares about profits. Apple makes it easy to upload your photos to iCloud but it makes it very difficult to manage your photos, especially if you take a lot of them. The easiest option is the one Apple wants you to chose, buy more space.

By Ray Hanania

Apple claims that it has made our lives better and more fun but that’s not really true. Apple has made itself beyond wealthy, so rich that the robber baron disciples who followed in the selfish footsteps of Steve Jobs don’t have to worry about what the rest of of want or need.

They just mass produce junk. And it is junk with few options. Once you buy into the Apple World — connecting you Macbook Pro, iPhone and iCloud, you are stuck, dependent on them like a drug addict depends on his drug dealer.

I’m not sure what really is the worst part about Apple, but I know that iCloud is right up there in the running.

iCloud Directory

iCloud is supposed to be easy. Yes, it is easy for you to snap a photo and then automatically upload it to the iCloud storage. And you can easily view that photo once you take it. You can view it on your iPhone or you can view it on iCloud on the internet.



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It’s so easy that before you know it, you will have accumulated more than 10,000 photos in your iCloud account. And pretty soon, depending on whether many of them are videos, you’ll need to pay Apple more to enlarge the space on iCloud to make room for more photos.

Or, you can start the laborious process of saving your photos one at a time to your own home Cloud system like WD Home Cloud or on your own home hard drive.

That’s 10,000 photos that you have to individually select and then download.

Let me walk you through the process.

First of all, you are not guaranteed that the process will be swift. It’s all on the Internet and even if you have High Speed Internet service at over 150 MBS, your service is still choked by the traffic. If too many people are using the system, bandwidth constraints come into play and you find yourself waiting for iCloud to load up.

Once in, you have pages and pages of photos. You have to select a photo. Then you have to go to the little cloud icon with the arrow pointing down on the top menu bar and select that. Then you have to select the directory where you want to save it.

Maybe you want to give it a unique identifier, like a date and time: such as, “04-28-18 iCloud Crap Photo”.

Then you Save the photo.

Directory of files

And you do that 10,000 times. Assuming that iCloud  stays connected. The system often refreshes itself and you find yourself back to the top of the list of photos on your iCloud account and you have to scroll down to where you were rudely interrupted.

Not sure if the photo that was interrupted was saved, you try to save it again.

And so on and so on.

Apple doesn’t explain a few tricks that are available. Not the best but will help.

Here is how you can grab groups of photos by dated upload. On the right side is as “+” sign. When you are viewing a group of photos you like, you can click that “+” and all of the photos in that date group will be highlighted.

Once you do that, If you select the Cloud Icon with the arrow, you might notice a tiny “v” just to the bottom right. Click that icon and select where you want to download it, and it supposedly will let you download the photos to another location.

Download icon for iCloud downloading

Unfortunately, you can hear the system clicking as it acknowledges each photo one at a time (30 in my test). And then you select Download and … it doesn’t really work. It wasn’t intended to work. They don’t want to make it easy for you to leave their system. If you could easily download all the files, you could go someplace else that is more efficient and allows you to control your possessions.

Download icon for iCloud downloading

The trick is a cumbersome one. For each photo you select, the system opens a SEPARATE SAVE TO window for every photo. You select format and then save. 50 windows opened on my system when I tried to save 50 photos. In other words, it’s like downloading each photo individually. Oftentimes, so many windows open the browser crashes.

Remember, YOU OWN THESE PHOTOS not Apple!

The other alternative is you can select many photos by holding down the COMMAND Key. But when you try to download the ones you just selected, only one downloads. Not all of them.

So you are stuck highlighting one photo and downloading.

There is no way to mass download your photos. You can download them by group. You can’t download them by date.

You’re screwed. Because that’s how Apple wants it. They want you to be that drug user waking up from a stupor of that drug high with the Apple needle still stuck in the vein of your right arm lying in a puddle of urine and excrement from the eight hours in which you were “out.” You shake your head which hurts. And you start thinking about that high again. So you go out and steal money.Maybe you have to kill someone in the process, by accident of course. And then go buy more drugs from the Apple dealer.

So you go online and spend that C-note and buy more space but you just can’t deal with the headaches caused when you crash from the Apple drug use.

Someone needs to create a system or an App that allows you to connect to your iCloud and manage the photos. Sort them, name them and download them so you ensure that you have copies of your wretched, miserable lives.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and author. Reach him on his personal website at or by email at

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