Apple has turned into a bunch of big babies

Apple has turned into a bunch of big babies

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Apple has turned into a bunch of big babies

By Ray Hanania

Let’s be honest, Apple sucks. They are unreliable. They’ve been going downhill for years. And even though that putz Steve Jobs left us with his megalomaniacal management system in place — trying to control every aspect of our lives the way he wants to, not the way we need to — his underings are doing everything they can to pretend they have his talent.

But they don’t.

Take iCloud for example. Please!

iCloud is garbage. It stores your photos but doesn’t let you do anything with them. You can’t manage them. You can’t save them efficiently. You can’t even enjoy them. In the digital age of iPhones and Android photos, there are thousands of photos to go through. Without a proper storage system, you can’t enjoy them at all.

English: Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone...

Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference . Steve Jobs isn’t smiling because he made the world a better place. He’s smiling here because it was all about getting even. Getting even with John Scully. And getting even with the public.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But, you can waste all your valuable time downloading a copy one at a time from iCloud to an archive system or hard drive — stay away from Western Digital’s MyCloud, too by the way.

Apple doesn’t want you to manage your photos. They want you to clog your space with photos to force you to go out and buy another $750 Apple cell phone.

You would think that Apple would come up with a system to allow users to manage their photos, maybe suggesting that Apple really cares about its customers.

But that’s exactly the problem. They don’t care. They don’t want a system.

And, when you go to the forums to discuss these problems, Thin-Skinned Apple can’t take the heat so they delete comments that expose their soft, failed underbelly.

Here’s what I got when I complained that Apple iCloud lacks a system to manage photos:

Hi Ray (ray from Orland park),

We removed your post Delete Photos Just Off iPhone, Not iCloud because it contained rants or complaints that weren’t constructive. We understand wanting to share experiences, but these forums are meant for technical questions that can be answered by the community.

You can read our submission guidelines here:  Apple Support Communities – Terms of Use

We hope you’ll keep using our Support Communities forums. You can find more information about participating here:  Apple Support Communities  – Tutorials

If you have comments about any of our products, we welcome your feedback:  Apple – Feedback

We’ve included a copy of your original post below.

Here is the offending comment. A “rant” they call it.

“Apple doesn’t really care about consumers. Worse is that they don’t even use the products they develop, otherwise they would know the limitations. They are not average people, and that’s why Apple has been slowly going downhill.”

I deserve the right to rant. I have spent thousands on Apple products only to be disappointed at every step of the way.

God, isn’t there anyone smarter than those know-it-alls at Apple who really know nothing? Or is the computer industry packed with geeks who have no social skills but pretend to know what the rest of the world needs and wants in social technology.

You want to beat Apple at its game and take over the cell phone market?


Invent a cell phone that gives consumers what they want, and prevents geeks like the zombie techies at Apple from controlling our lives.

I don’t need them to tell me what to do with a product I purchase. I need them to create great products and then get out of the way.

Give me the technology to control my own life, not help them profit off of our disappointments.

Sure, Apple is good. But a “C+” grade isn’t anything to brag about. It could be an “A+” but that would mean caring about consumers, and hiring developers who actually use the products they create.

Apple sucks!

Such thin-skinned babies those Apple people are.

Don’t waste your time at the Apple Forums. They have no answers but they sure love to tell you how to give them your money!

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This post viewed: 435 times since Oct 10, 2017

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